Zero to Hero WordPress E-Commerce Website Development (NO Coding) and Freelancing Training

Zero to Hero Mentoring Program

(Batch 10 - ONLINE)

UPDATE: The training is already ONGOING...

Are you still lost about what you need to do next to discover real success in online freelancing?

Or perhaps none of the self-paced WordPress training and online courses is working for you yet?

That’s okay.

We won’t be surprised if you tell us that as you search on Google for free WordPress website development guides or watch tutorials on YouTube, they actually tend to raise more questions than give you answers.

As we’ve said, that’s totally fine.

It’s probably because you have a different learning style that requires real-time interaction, regular coaching, and mentoring sessions.

Just like some of our bootcamp participants who always asked when we’ll have our next intensive and in-depth training. These are the same freelancers or aspiring freelancers who need help and guidance from scratch.

If you are like them, we heard you.

So we’re now re-opening enrollment for our ZERO to HERO program!

Bert Padilla - Zero to Hero Mentoring Program Coach
Hi there! Bert Padilla here. WPBootcamp lead coach and mentor 🙂

Freelancers and aspiring Freelancers who need to learn WordPress E-Commerce Website Development, and offer it as a specialized service, this Zero to Hero program is for you! 

This Zero to Hero intensive program has been designed for newbie, intermediate, and experienced freelancers alike, particularly those who don’t specialize in the WordPress niche yet. If you are a mid-college student with credits in IT and computer-related subjects, you are also fit to take this program. 

Level up your Freelancing career, equip yourself with real-world WordPress knowledge and market-ready skills and transform it into a business. Discover the right tools, strategies, and tactics you will need to succeed in Freelancing. 

In this zero to hero training program, TekWorx.Digital’s Founder, Bert Padilla, will MENTOR you in WordPress Website Development with NO CODING at all. E-Commerce and Digital Marketing lessons will be integrated into the modules so you’ll have a better perspective and understanding of how exactly WordPress is being utilized in the E-Commerce industry.

He will also COACH you throughout the program – from being a total newbie until you get your very first client or even become a PRO.

Modules and Lessons to LEARN

In the first 2 months of the training, we will mentor you based on the learning tracks outlined below. Then we will continue to coach and support you until you get hired, found your first client, or as long as you need help on your projects.

We have been there and we knew what works and doesn’t work. Hence, we regularly update our training materials so you get timely and relevant content that you’ll need to equip yourself as a competitive WordPress freelancer.

Depending on your progress and dedication, we will actually be able to help transform you from ZERO to HERO in 2 months or less.



Track 3: EARN

Don’t simply take our words for it. Though our previous trainees truly found value in these training modules and lessons as well, just like Reymund and Eduardo…

Great content. Access to not just one course, but a full library. You’ll never wonder how to tackle the next phase of your website. I’ve avoided dozens of easily-made mistakes that could’ve completely stall my site. With this course, you have a step-by-step system to follow to avoid failures. Thanks, Bert and keep up the good work!!!
Reymund Ortilla
Batch 1 (2019)
The course is very practical for anyone with zero knowledge. Getting there from zero to hero. Kudos to the trainer!
Eduardo Soliano, Jr.
Batch 2 (2020)

Your Investment

Just like any other serious coaching and mentoring program, we also require an investment from you. Don’t get us wrong though because this investment is something you can always get back in return once you acquire your first client. 

The online commodities you will need like Domain Name, Web Hosting, and SSL are already included in the package. So you can get started right away!

You will also have access to Premium WordPress plugins and tools that you will need as you design the WordPress eCommerce website tech stack.

Madali lang ang ROI mo dito. Promise!

Total Value:

Php 45,000

Enroll for Php 14,990 ONLY!


Option 1: 2 Gives

Split payments in 1 month.
8,490 NOW, and 1 Month Later.
  • First payment upon enrollment.
  • Final payment 1 month later.
  • 12 slots ONLY
  • Batch 11 Enrollment opens October 1, 2023

Option 2: 1-Time

Full payment.
14,990 NOW
  • FULL Payment upon enrollment.
  • 12 slots ONLY
  • Batch 11 Enrollment opens October 1, 2023

Before you even say that’s a little pricey, let this sinks in…

What if through this training you are able to acquire even just a single client that will pay you $750 or Php 40,000 for a single website project? Eh, ‘di bawi na investment mo. At may profit ka pa! Actually maliit nga lang yan eh, when we can charge as much as $1,500 and up for an E-Commerce website.

Do you need a client-getting digital marketing strategy and social media campaign scripts? How about crafting winning proposals? You don’t have to worry about that because we have all of it bundled here!


(first 5 Enrollees ONLY)

For each of the first five (5) enrollees, we will be giving away bonuses below, with shipping and delivery included. These are valued more or less Php 2,000 – so with your investment above, you actually get 15% ROI back right away

FREE Smart Home Prepaid WiFi (LTE Advanced) Evoluzn FX-ID4 Model (first 5 enrollees ONLY)

FREE Drifit T-Shirts (first 20 enrollees ONLY)

SAVE as much as Php 30,000 from all of these bundled offers. But you get a chance to grab this for a LIMITED TIME ONLY while the enrollment is still ongoing.

Enrollment Closed: July 1, 2023

You missed it. See you on our next batch. JOIN the WAITLIST.

Your Coach and Mentor

Bert Padilla - Certified-E-Commerce-Trainer

Bert Padilla is a high-growth Mobile and Web Monetization and Ad Operations Specialist with over 12 years of in-depth experience in IT, Media and Publishing, and AdTech companies. Originally, Bert is an Electronics Technician, and didn’t have any background in IT until he discovered Blogging. He started his digital marketing career as Tech Blogger in 2008, receiving nominations and awards from local Blogging communities along the way.

Mr. Padilla is a tech entrepreneur currently operating TekWorx.Digital, through its ventures TekWorx and AdWorx. In 2018, he launched TekWorx.Training and in early 2019, he ventured on TekWorx.Hosting.

He is also an eCommerce entrepreneur operating hybrid-dropshipping online stores, and helps MSMEs and fellow business owners through his Website-as-a-Service (WaaS) called TekWorx PLUG n SELL. His digital products and services help local and international clients, ranging from Entrepreneurs, SMBs, Startups, Publishers or Media Companies, among others.

Bert Padilla is also a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He is part of the pool of trainers under the mentorship of Janette Toral. Janette is the owner of, a site that has contributed greatly in the area of Philippine eCommerce.

Bert is one of the Course Developers, Trainers, and Assessors for the country’s #DigitalJobsPH program by the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT, where he teaches the comprehensive course, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, an intense 14 Days (of a 7-week period) training for Student-Freelancers, coupled with a 21-Day digital marketing campaign for Partner-MSMEs. He also teaches Web Development, SEO / SEM and Advertising, Virtual Assistance, and Freelancing.

Lastly, Bert also conducted the Training of Trainers for DICT-ILCDB for the course Web Content Management using WordPress, covering Government Web Hosting Services (GWHS), Government Web Template (GWT), and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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Frequently Asked Questions

July 3, 2023. Just a few days after we closes the enrollment on June 30th, 2023.

Seriously, that’s 1 year. Say the training starts July 3, 2023, we will mentor and coach you until next year — July 2, 2024.

The first 2-3 months will cover Tracks 1-3, then the remaining 9-10 months will be regular boot camps, accountability and support chats or calls.

Yes! But only if you can also guarantee 100% commitment in completing this training and trust our process.

Yes. In this program, you will learn creating not just portfolio websites, but eCommerce website as well. Our training methodologies ensure that even those with less-to-no background in computers will be able to grasp the concepts in WordPress eCommerce Website Development.

We will set up everything for you. You have nothing to do except to wait for your access credentials.

Elementor is a leading WordPress page builder. But its application is beyond being a page builder. It has a handful of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing integrations and features.

Elementor has a FREE plugin for WordPress. But to get the most of its features, you’ll need the PRO version, which we provide to participants of this WordPress Website Development and Freelancing training.

We will activate it on your WordPress website so it’s ready for you to use.

You will learn the right tools, 3rd-party platforms, strategies and tactics in creating websites even if you don’t code. You can be savvy in Freelancing, and can easily position yourself in certain niche or specialization in the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing space.

Yes, definitely! Your client should be happy to know if you’re skilled around WordPress. Imagine being able to do things like website management, online store management, and/or regular website maintenance as a value-added service. You can learn all of these things from this training as well.

Actually, we don’t offer that.

This training program is only for the serious and committed ones. We’d appreciate it that when you enroll, you can really commit to the program. 

Yes. We will provide Certificates only to participants who will COMPLETE all the relevant tasks of this program.


The internet has tons of information to scour, yet it’s overwhelming. We’ve been there and done that. Thing is, it’s time-consuming and quite challenging to learn and grasp without a real mentor and coach.

What makes this training unique is we provide you realistic Freelancing insights and perspectives, with working blueprint and playbook to learn, strategies, and support.

With this Course, you get to acquire the same strategies and tactics in winning clients, and level up your Freelancing Skills. 

Save time and resources trying to figure it all out by yourself!

Of course! We can discuss on Facebook Messenger. Click this link to start a conversation.

You may also Text or Call at 09173118020.

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