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I Am Bert Padilla.

A high-growth Mobile and Web Monetization and Ad Operations Specialist with over 12 years of in-depth experience in IT, Media and Publishing, and AdTech companies.


I'm Bert Padilla.

And I’ll be your Coach and Mentor for this program.

Under my belt is over 18 years of in-depth experience in Semiconductor, IT, Media and Publishing, E-Commerce, and AdTech companies.

I also serve the Government as a Resource Person through different training programs of DICT, and as a Mentor in different programs of the Private sector. 

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Tailored Learning

Our one-on-one coaching is all about you. We'll create a customized learning plan that aligns with your goals, skills, and pace. Whether you're a beginner or seeking advanced skills, we've got you covered.

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Receive direct, constructive feedback on your projects and progress. This level of attention helps you identify and address your specific strengths and areas for improvement.

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With dedicated coaching, you'll find yourself making rapid strides in your WordPress skills. There's no better way to overcome challenges and master complex concepts.


We work around your schedule. You decide when and how often you want coaching sessions. It's learning on your terms.

What Our One-on-One Coaching Covers

WordPress Fundamentals

If you're new to WordPress, we'll start from scratch, guiding you through the basics of setting up a WordPress site, using themes and plugins, and content management.

Advanced Techniques

For those looking to take their skills to the next level, we offer in-depth coaching on advanced topics like custom theme development, e-commerce integration, and SEO optimization.


Stuck on a problem? Our coaches are here to help you troubleshoot issues, whether it's a technical glitch, a coding challenge, or design dilemma.

Project Guidance

Working on a specific website or project? Get expert guidance to ensure your project's success. Learn the best practices for project planning, development, and launch.

Career Development

Beyond technical skills, we provide mentorship on building a career in web development or freelancing. Learn how to market your skills, find clients, and excel in the industry.

Your Coach and Mentor

Bert Padilla - Certified-E-Commerce-Trainer

Bert Padilla is a high-growth Mobile and Web Monetization and Ad Operations Specialist with over 12 years of in-depth experience in IT, Media and Publishing, and AdTech companies. Originally, Bert is an Electronics Technician, and didn’t have any background in IT until he discovered Blogging. He started his digital marketing career as Tech Blogger in 2008, receiving nominations and awards from local Blogging communities along the way.

Mr. Padilla is a tech entrepreneur currently operating TekWorx.Digital, through its ventures TekWorx and AdWorx. In 2018, he launched TekWorx.Training and in early 2019, he ventured on TekWorx.Hosting.

He is also an eCommerce entrepreneur operating hybrid-dropshipping online stores, and helps MSMEs and fellow business owners through his Website-as-a-Service (WaaS) called TekWorx PLUG n SELL. His digital products and services help local and international clients, ranging from Entrepreneurs, SMBs, Startups, Publishers or Media Companies, among others.

Bert Padilla is also a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He is part of the pool of trainers under the mentorship of Janette Toral. Janette is the owner of DigitalFilipino.com, a site that has contributed greatly in the area of Philippine eCommerce.

Bert is one of the Course Developers, Trainers, and Assessors for the country’s #DigitalJobsPH program by the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT, where he teaches the comprehensive course, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, an intense 14 Days (of a 7-week period) training for Student-Freelancers, coupled with a 21-Day digital marketing campaign for Partner-MSMEs. He also teaches Web Development, SEO / SEM and Advertising, Virtual Assistance, and Freelancing.

Lastly, Bert also conducted the Training of Trainers for DICT-ILCDB for the course Web Content Management using WordPress, covering Government Web Hosting Services (GWHS), Government Web Template (GWT), and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Registered & Member of:

DTI - Department of Trade and Industry
CIB.O - Cebu IT-BPM Organization

Trusted & Supported by:

DICT - Department of Information and Communication Technology
TESDA-WordPress Bootcamp
Janette Toral E-Commerce Advocate
Janette Toral - Certified eCommerce Trainer