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Dive into a treasure trove of WordPress bootcamps, each packed with valuable insights and resources to help you master WordPress effortlessly.



When you join as a Bootcamper, you are not only investing for yourself but also helping us in uplifting the lives of others. 

Invest for yourself by learning with us in many aspects of WordPress and eCommerce, and discover opportunities that could get you the best ROI. 

WordPress bootcamp Philippines is committed to equipping Pinoys with the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy.


Help us in uplifting the lives of other Filipinos.

You know, not all have the privilege to pay… Your membership means SUPPORTING US in making future bootcamps happen and doing it FREE for the majority of the participants. 

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WordPress Bootcamps

As a BOOTCAMPER, you will have access to all our previous WordPress bootcamps and upcoming bootcamps. 
Watch the previews below so you will see what’s going on inside the sessions, and what kind of learning, knowledge, and insights you will acquire to boost your skills.

No-Code WordPress PageSpeed Optimization

Having a fast-loading website means more qualified leads and prospects, or increased conversions and sales.

Designing and Developing E-Commerce Store Tech Stack with WP and Woo

Learn to choose the right technology stack to develop an e-commerce store.

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO for Online Stores

Our CRO Bootcamp is meticulously designed to equip you with effective, data-driven strategies to optimize online stores and significantly enhance its performance.

Why You Should Join Our Bootcamps


Comprehensive Learning Experience

Each bootcamp provides a structured and comprehensive learning experience, covering essential topics and skills needed to become proficient in WordPress web development. From the fundamentals to more advanced concepts, you'll gain a solid foundation and enhance your technical expertise.


Cost-effective Learning

Free bootcamps provide a cost-effective way to acquire valuable skills and knowledge without the financial burden associated with traditional education or paid courses. It's an opportunity to learn and grow without the worry of upfront costs.


Career Advancement

By gaining expertise in WordPress web development, you open doors to various career opportunities. Web development skills are in high demand, and having proficiency in WordPress can set you apart in the job market or enable you to pursue freelance work and build your own client base.


Practical Hands-on Training

The bootcamp focuses on hands-on training, allowing you to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios. Through practical exercises and projects, you'll gain valuable experience and develop the skills necessary to build functional and visually appealing websites.


Enhanced Website Management

As a freelancer or entrepreneur, having the ability to manage and update your website efficiently is crucial. Joining our WordPress bootcamps equips you with the necessary skills to take full control of your website, making it easier to make updates, add content, and maintain your online presence without relying on external assistance.


Continuous Learning and Adaptation

The world of web development is ever-evolving, with new techniques, trends, and technologies emerging regularly. Joining a WordPress bootcamp fosters a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation. You'll be equipped with the foundation and resources to stay updated, ensuring that your website remains relevant, secure, and optimized over time.

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Your Lead Coach and Trainer

Bert Padilla - Certified-E-Commerce-Trainer

Bert Padilla is the Founder and Owner of TekWorx.Digital. He is a Professional Freelancer where he specializes in Ad Ops for Publishers, and a Full-Stack Digital Marketer. He is also an eCommerce entrepreneur and helps MSMEs and fellow business  owners through TekWorx PLUG n SELL.

He’s a Certified E-Commerce Trainer under Ms. Janette Toral of He’s also a Certified Trainer, Training Assessor, and Course Developer for the DigitalJobsPH program of the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. Just recently, Bert is consulted by TESDA as a Technical Expert for the Development of Functional Analysis and Competency Standards on Digital Marketing.

Bert is also the Founder of TekWorx.Training and creator WordPress Bootcamp PH (

DTI - Department of Trade and Industry
CIB.O - Cebu IT-BPM Organization