Bert Padilla’s 7 Actionable Steps to a Scalable Freelancing Business

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If you aspire to embark on a freelance life and take your online career by storm then allow us to help get you there.

In this freelancing course of Bert Padilla, you will learn his 7 actionable steps to a scalable freelancing business, which is a documentation of how he did it big in Freelancing, what transpired in his online journey, and how he still continually do those things that worked for him.

These 7 Steps are your FIRST clear STEP into Online Freelancing! This is a perfect guide, particularly for beginners. This will serve as your Blueprint to guide you in your freelancing journey.

You will also learn how he transitioned from being a newbie, specifically from being an Electronics Test Technician into a Professional Online Freelancer.

Learn “Online Freelancing”, “Online Jobs”, “Homebased Jobs”, “Work-From-Home”, or Whatever-You-Call-It from someone who really practices the craft in the Freelancing industry.

Join us on the journey and let’s carve out the path you were meant to walk.


Bert Padilla is a candid father and husband from Cebu City, Philippines. He is a Freelance Ad Ops for Publishers, Blogger, Content Creator, Technical Trainer, Digital Strategist, Technopreneur, and Owner of a reputable digital agency.

His story was just like any other wonder tale that started once upon a time and continued living happily ever after.

He used to work for esteemed industrial and semiconductor companies (Lexmark and Teradyne) but later realized that the 9-to-5 life wasn’t well cut for him. So he ventured on out of his intentional choice, took all the risks, and slayed dragons when he veered into the digital realms. It clearly rerouted his passion and profession and here and now he is relishing a life that sounds almost too good to be true. Suffice it to say he found some secrets to #FreelanceLife that he confidently knows about and that he is willing to share with freelancers like you.