Freelancer Profile Creation

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As a freelancer, your survival in the digital industry relies on your ability to market yourself. And in most cases, if not all, it starts from becoming more visible online. You build a presence in places where your target market usually hangs out or likely to hire you.

Your freelancer profile could mean the difference between finding a project or being rejected. Remember the saying “first impression lasts?” That usually holds true in the virtual world. And it’s almost impossible to reverse or undo!

One of your freelancer profiles might be the first or only contact you will have with a potential client. That said, your profile has to stand out from the rest of your peers! Believe it or not, your profile has a huge impact on your hireability, it does not depend on skills alone.

In this course, TekWorx.Training’s Bert Padilla discusses how to create an impressive freelancer’s profile.

He shares important tips for the elements of a great profile, write an outstanding profile brief, and more. As a Freelancer, your skills and qualifications are only a part of it. Selling services and making a living out of them, is more important.

Bert also teaches you how to fine-tune your freelance profile to strengthen your brand. Aspiring freelancers and even experienced freelance professionals are welcome to take advantage of this course.

Know how to make yourself stand out from millions of freelancers around the world!