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Mastering WordPress Management and Maintenance to Boost your WP Skills‘ is a transformative learning journey designed for WordPress users of all levels.

This bootcamp was conducted to equip participants with the crucial skills needed to effectively manage and maintain your WordPress site, leading to improved performance, more reliable, and a stronger online presence.

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Unlock the potential of your WordPress site as we delve into topics ranging from web server management, regular website updates, security monitoring, performance optimization, to troubleshooting. The expert-led sessions will offer actionable strategies and insights, turning routine maintenance into a potent tool for growth.

Don’t let technical glitches and maintenance woes slow you down. This bootcamp empowers you to take charge, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to handle your website’s needs or your clients’ proactively. It’s time to elevate your WordPress skills and ensure the longevity of the online platform that you truly own – your website!

Join us and transform the way you approach WordPress Management and Maintenance.


1. WordPress Beginners: Individuals who are just starting their journey with WordPress and need guidance on how to manage and maintain their website effectively.

2. Freelancers and Web Developers: Professionals in the field looking to enhance their WordPress skills and offer better value to their clients.

3. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Those who run their businesses online using WordPress and want to ensure optimal performance of their website to enhance customer experience and drive growth.

4. Bloggers and Content Creators: Individuals who use WordPress as a platform to share content and want to ensure their website is always running smoothly.

5. Any WordPress User and Enthusiast: Anyone who uses WordPress and wants to gain a better understanding of how to maintain and manage their site, improve performance, and prevent potential issues.

Secure your place in this bootcamp and redefine your WordPress experience today!


Bert Padilla is the Founder and Owner of TekWorx.Digital. He is a Professional Freelancer who specializes in Ad Ops for Publishers, and a Full-Stack Digital Marketer. He is also an eCommerce entrepreneur and helps MSMEs and fellow business owners through TekWorx PLUG n SELL and TekWorxPH.com.

He’s a Certified E-Commerce Trainer under Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com. He’s also a Certified Trainer, Training Assessor, and Course Developer for the DigitalJobsPH program of the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. Just recently, Bert is consulted by TESDA as a Technical Expert for the Development of Functional Analysis and Competency Standards on Digital Marketing.

Bert is also the Founder of TekWorx.Training and creator of WPBootcamp.ph.

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