Crafting Winning Freelancer Service Proposals and Pricing Strategy

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Ever found yourself tirelessly crafting proposals only to face silence on the other end?

Wondering if there’s a secret sauce to not just grab attention but also seal the deal every single time?

What if crafting a winning proposal wasn’t just a skill but an art, and more importantly, an expression of your personal brand? This course, “Crafting Winning Freelancer Service Proposal and Pricing Strategy” – is your golden ticket to mastering this art with the robust essence of POWER!

In a world flooded with freelancers, be the rare gem clients are on the hunt for.

Inside, we spill the tea on the secrets, the strategies, and the hushed conversations that can catapult you from the ‘Maybe’ pile to the ‘hell YES’ league!

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Create proposals that don’t just speak but seduce clients into saying yes!
  • Dive into pricing strategies that reflect not just value, but irresistible offer.
  • Learn how to leverage “your brand” infused into essential lines and key parts of the proposal templates for unmatched charisma!

Ever caught yourself daydreaming about that ‘freelancer on demand’ life? Crave the freedom but dread the insecurity of the freelance hustle? You’re not alone, and it’s not a ‘too good to be true’ myth – it’s achievable!

Discover how to quote prices that don’t just get a nod but are met with an eager, enthusiastic YES!

We’re tearing down the ‘price hesitance’ wall, turning every proposal into an irresistible magnet!

Imagine a life where every proposal you send is met with excitement, and every price you quote is valued. No haggling, no ghosting, just pure, ecstatic ‘YES!’ – sounds dreamy? Let’s make it real!

Enroll Now and Transform Your Freelancer Journey!

Unveil the POWER and be the uncommon.

Your golden era of freelance success is a click away. Are you ready to step in?

Grab your key to the course “Crafting Winning Freelancer Service Proposal and Pricing Strategy” – where every proposal is a masterpiece, and every price, is a charm!


Bert Padilla is the Founder and Owner of TekWorx.Digital. He is a Professional Freelancer who specializes in Ad Ops for Publishers, and a Full-Stack Digital Marketer. He is also an eCommerce entrepreneur and helps MSMEs and fellow business owners through TekWorx PLUG n SELL and

He’s a Certified E-Commerce Trainer under Ms. Janette Toral of He’s also a Certified Trainer, Training Assessor, and Course Developer for the DigitalJobsPH program of the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. In 2022, he recreated Web Content Management using a WordPress Course utilizing the Government Web Hosting Service (GWHS) and Government Web Template (GWT) for DICT-ILCDB and conducted a series of the said training for different government agencies nationwide.

Just recently, Bert was consulted by TESDA as a Technical Expert for the Development of Functional Analysis and Competency Standards on Digital Marketing.

Bert is also the Founder of TekWorx.Training and creator of

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